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Food gives information to each and every cell in your body. It tells the cell to work correctly, or it can tell the cell to work poorly. A poorly working body will begin to become inflamed and the studies are clear the inflammation is the foundation of all disease, from diabetes to cancer. We often underestimate (or have forgotten) the true power that food has on our bodies. Fast food is now an acceptable way of life. We don’t think twice about buying things packaged in a box, bag or can. Wheat and dairy have become staples and pizza is an integral part of our social life. The more processed a food is, the less “good” information it has for our cells. After all there is a HUGE difference between a baked potato and Pringles potato chips, right? Which do you think is better for your body?  Hum….. So my motto and approach to regaining health is “food first!” no matter what the health concern is. After all, if you want to make changes in how your body is working, the first step is to change the misinformation we give to our cells. The second step for some may be the addition of supplements. The notion that we can get all that we need from our food, is long gone. We are under tremendous stress, live in a toxic world that increase the need for nutrients to keep us thriving. Then we skip meals because we are either too tired to cook and prepare for our meals, or we have “taught” our body to quit telling us we are hungry, because we want to lose weight so starvation must be the key, right? So many have “lost” their appetite. This is actually a sign of metabolic/physiologic damage. Yikes! Feeling hungry in the morning is a normal healthy feeling! So, for many on the road to health, supplementing with the proper, targeted high quality nutrients is a part of the healing journey. Knowing where to start and what to do is what my over 22 years of clinical experience give my patients. I help you cut down the learning curve. I have already done the investigation and research for you. The body knows how to heal. We just need to call in the right coach to help!

Gluten Free

Trend, fad, fact, or fiction. Living a gluten free lifestyle has certainly stirred up a lot of controversy. Back in Biblical times, wheat was a staple. It was an integral part of life. So what happened? Why are so many people turning their back on something that was such a staple for life? Could it be a hoax? A trick that the food industry has created to cause us to invest in the more expensive “gluten free foods” that are higher in calories? Here is the truth. Over time the grains wheat, barley and rye has evolved. This is part of the natural evolution of plants. (This is different than genetically modified organisms/GMO’s) The problem is, humans have evolved at a slower rate. So, at this moment in time, we no longer have the proper enzymes to correctly digest “gluten” From wheat, barley and rye. What this means is in healthy digestion, we need to take that protein (picture a piece of gluten, aka a brick) and digest it into very fine pieces of “sand”. This is normal digestion. Because we no longer have the proper enzymes to do this, that “brick” might get broken into big “chunks”. The body does not respond well to “chunks”. These “chunks” make the body physiology very crabby because it only knows what to do with the “sand”. Now here is the tricky part. Some people’s physiology doesn’t care about the “chunks”. It is still able to carry on. They are unable to digest it, but the body does not make a fuss over it. Unfortunately, there are others that don’t do well with “chunks”. Because they can’t digest it, they may feel bloated, get a head ache, and become gassy. This is more of an allergy response. For others (myself included in this group) it can cause an autoimmune response. Oh, oh! Now this could be dangerous! When the body has an autoimmune response, what that means is the body has gotten confused. It starts to attack its own body tissue and destroys the area under attack. When it attacks the intestinal lining we call it Celiac disease. If it attacks the brain, it is called dementia, cerebellar ataxia, or Alzheimer’s disease. For others it may attack the heart which could lead to a heart attack. Get the picture? So, the big question is how is your body responding to eating wheat, barley or rye? The only way you know is to test to see to what degree you are having difficulty. Keep in mind, if you wait for a “symptom” to pop up, damage has already been done, and for our teenagers, we are finding a correlation with teenage suicide and gluten issues! Yikes! For those who have already eliminated “gluten” from their diet, they may not be out of danger. Gluten causes inflammation, and if the inflammatory damage is not corrected, eliminating gluten is not enough. To gain clarity around this very confusing issue it is critical to work with a “Certified Gluten Practitioner” such as myself to see where the issue is and what needs to be done to put out the fire of inflammation that may be simmering. Remember, no one can digest it. Yes, that pizza and beer may truly be killing you!


Do you experience headaches? Fatigue or sluggishness? The inability to lose weight? What about pain or aches in your joints? Acne, hives, rashes, or dry skin? If you answered yes to even one of those... you are out of balance! It isn't because of your age. It's your body telling you that there's a problem - and it's not just a "women's issue." You may be suffering from toxicity - but take heart! It is fixable!


Chiropractic saved my life. It also drastically changed my life. When I was 16 years old, my dream was to become a professional dancer. That was all I thought about. During the summer, I was waterskiing at Pine Flat Lake. I grew up waterskiing. I didn’t like to fall, so when the bottom of my waterski hit a submerged tree stump, my ski stopped and I was thrown forward, rolled 3 times to the right and landed on my face. I was pulled from the water, in shock. My father (former WWII vet) still expected me to help load the boat to come home. He didn’t witness my fall, as he was driving the boat. When I hobbled through the door, my mother was shocked and panicked. I could not stand up straight, anything that touched my right side was excruciatingly painful and I could barely walk. I was given a choice. My mother said I had to see a doctor, did I want to see a medical doctor or the chiropractic doctor. My reply was “Who will NOT give me a shot?” Because I was terrified of needles, this was very important. And hence my eyes were opened to the body’s ability to heal without drugs or surgery! Since then I have personally experienced the benefits of chiropractic. It has kept me keep me living a very active lifestyle, and I have avoided neck surgery because of my accident when I was younger.


In this day and age, everyone understands computers are a part of life. We upgrade software and hard drives, increase memory capacity and don’t think twice. It is an accepted fact of life. When was the last time you upgraded the most important computer you will ever own? Your brain! Your brain controls everything in your body, the good, the bad and the ugly. The brain collects and stores every experience we have from the moment of birth until death. It is the compilation of these experiences that shapes us into the individuals we are today. If we have an experience that alters the normal brain waves, we may begin to experience a variety of things. Brain fog, pain, insomnia, fear, anger, or anxiety are just a few of the symptoms that may be noticed. Your brain may need an "update on its software".

Weight Loss

Our body is designed to burn fat. When a body becomes out of balance, the result is often becoming excellent at storing fat. Some become “overachievers” in fat storing because as the imbalance continues and increases, so does our body fat. There is ALWAYS a reason that this happens. The problem is there is not just one, but many causes. This is why the ability to lose AND keep the weight off is often a frustrating and heartbreaking issue. Few health care practitioners take the time to start to unravel the physiological mess to discover the reason for this. It is not a simple easy task. In fact, in my early years of practice I avoided anything to do with weight loss because I didn’t want to have to work to figure it out. This has changed as my body imbalances caught up with me. I had to figure out what happened. The good news is I am now a “detective” around the mysteries of the inability to get the weight off and keep it off. What is fascinating is that each person is unique. The imbalance is different in each person, men and women. Not getting enough sleep, poor intestinal function, hormonal imbalance, struggling detoxifications systems are just a few of the areas that need to be investigated. And for those who are to the point of feeling hopeless, that they are “the one” person who will never get the weight off, I ended up developing a specific program that can blast through the inability to lose the weight, while we investigate, repair and restore. When the body is in balance, the body works the way it was designed to and maintaining a lean body is the wonderful benefit of this happening!

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