Dr. Mikell Suzanne Parsons, The Holistic Detective

Fat Blasting Magic

The Transformational Weight Loss Journey Like No Other
Give me 14 weeks to blast your fat, speed up your metabolism, reclaim your energy and transform your life!

Are you sick of being trapped in a body that you don’t recognize?
Do you feel like you are living your life on the side lines because of your weight?
Is your personality being squished by the extra padding around your middle?
You don't have to be held hostage any more!
You can take it off and keep it off for good!

How many of your friends and family are suffering from…

  • Doing all the right things but not seeing results
  • A feeling of hopelessness
  • Stress about what to wear when they go to their closet each day
  • Depression because of how they see themselves physically
  • Loss of feeling sensual and sexy
  • Feeling like everyone else can lose weight but they can’t
  • Diabetes and heart disease
  • Feeling much older than they really are
  • Poor energy
  • Aches and pains in their feet, knees and hips

Is there really a way to not only lose the weight but keep it off? My answer is YES!!!


Before I lost the weight, I felt like a human sausage... now I am a weight loss warrior and won the battle of the bulge!

-Deborah Sappington-

Before, I was tired, sluggish, took a nap in the afternoons for about an hour, my feet hurt when i got up in the mornings. I did not like myself and was not happy.
Now I am excited (I get teary eyed when I talk about being on the program), I have hope, I see the big picture! I am very excited and I am not going back ever to what I weighed before!!!

-Kathleen Hagen-

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