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Detox Done Right

Are You Suffering from Toxicity?
Toxicity Could Be the Cause of Your Symptoms and it is Reversible!

Do you experience… Headaches. Fatigue or sluggishness. Inability to lose weight. Pain or aches in joints. Acne, hives, rashes or dry skin. Allergies. PMS. Anxiety.

If you answered yes to even one of these…….you are out of balance! When you are out of balance, you probably don’t feel sexy or younger.

Many people blame their symptoms on age or their crazy, busy life. However, it is more likely that toxicity is the issue and you don’t even know it!

Isn’t it time to get that bounce back in your step? Wouldn’t you like to get out of bed ready to face your day, feel on top of your game, vital, fresh and full of energy?

Feeling healthy, vital, sensual and energized starts from the inside – out. In the Detox Done Right program we examine your symptoms, drill down and identify what is causing them and then follow a natural, healthy program to rid your body of the toxins and eliminate all of your symptoms so you feel healthy and renewed every day.

During this 4 week program your body will shift into working the way it is actually designed to work! It actually fixes the “why”….why you were not able to detox in the first place.

No more headaches! Watch out world, here you come with increased energy and brain power!

No more gripping at your family because you don’t feel good! See your body go from fat storing to fat burning once your “toxic load” has been reduced! How cool is that?

Here’s what the program includes:

  • Weekly audio teleclasses. The weekly audios will support you in every phase of the program, answer the most common questions we receive and help you get on-track with your detoxification. Each weekly audio is 60 – 75 minutes.
  • Unlimited Monthly Q&A Calls. Each month there is a open Q&A for all Detox Done Right program participants to ask questions and receive support. You can participate in these for as long as you choose.
  • Weekly Handouts and Quizzes that will help you stay focused, learn more about your food choices and how to maximize your detox factory.
  • Immediate Action Guide Book which will tell you how to best prepare for this transformational experience. The information ranges from what to do with things in your pantry to how to start working on detoxifying your skin!
  • Toxicity Quotient Quiz. This quiz was developed by me and JJ Virgin. This quiz will tell you how aggressive or gentle you will need to be based upon your body. This is not a one size fits all type of program!
  • Detox Done Right! Private Facebook Group. This is where you can connect with your fellow detox classmates. If you have a quick question, need support from stepping away from the evil cheesecake, you have access to me, my team and your new friends to help!!!!
  • Shopping list for foods that will fire up your taste buds. You will not go hungry on this program. For many of you, skipping meals for years is how you got out of balance in the first place! This will allow those motivated people to start eating foods that will actually build up the body, not break it down!
  • Private Members-Only Website where you can access all of your program materials, audios and bonuses.
  • Discounts and special offers for Detox Done Right Program members only. During the program I will recommend products that will support your health and cleanse. You are under no obligation to purchase them but if you choose to, you will receive special members-only discounts.

Are you suffering from toxicity?

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For about 6 months, I had been experiencing fatigue, frequent headaches, swelling in both hands and feet, not sleeping more than 4 hours per night, and gaining weight even after making diet and exercise changes. I became frustrated because I wasn’t getting anywhere. My daughter had been a patient of Dr. Parsons since she was an infant, so I decided to make an appointment to address all the issues that I had been trying to conquer on my own. I knew a little about toxicity but never realized that I could be suffering with toxicity myself. After having my toxicity test done and going over the results with Dr. Parsons, I left with a plan and a feeling of hope again. It was refreshing to know that this was fixable and that Dr. Parsons knew how I felt because she had been there also. I went through the Detox program and followed everything Dr. Parsons told me to do. Within a week, I was sleeping 7-8 hours per night, the swelling in my hands and feet went away completely, and I felt energized. My headaches diminished and I even began losing weight. Everything in my body started working so efficiently. The Detox program and Dr. Parsons guidance helped me feel better than I’ve ever felt and I wish I would have done this program sooner!

-Angelic Cloud-

3 weeks later I was a changed person!
When I started the cleanse I felt tired and bloated. 3 weeks later I was a changed person! My energy has been great ever since, even though it’s been months since I went through the cleanse, the bloating disappeared within a week of starting the cleanse never to return.

-Judy Sue Dixson-

I have more energy, I am exercising and I feel a lot better.
Before the program I felt sluggish, no energy, no control of my food cravings and I was tired all the time. After the Detox program I had more control of what I ate. I have more energy, I am exercising and I feel a lot better.

-Peggy Orozco-

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